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How to: Store institutional or personal files and data at TTU

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Institutional data

Depending on the institutional data, you may need to work with your department to decide on which solution best fits your departmental needs.

Mission critical
Non-mission critical

OneDrive for Business has one terabyte (1 TB) of storage and is already available for use by the Texas Tech Community. You may use OneDrive for Business to save documents, photos, videos, and other files and access them from any computer or mobile device. You can also share those files with friends/colleagues and even collaborate on content together.

NOTE: Please see OneDrive for Business usage guidelines for faculty and staff for information about using OneDrive for Business for institutional data.


Use a TTU-owned computer or device with data encryption enabled.

Personal data

Some options for storing personal data include:

  • Computer
  • Removable device (e.g. flash drive, external hard drive, etc.)
  • Personal account on OneDrive (consumer version)
  • Any other third-party service preferred for your personal data

CAUTION: Before storing personal data with a third-party service, please ensure that they are following cybersecurity best practices to keep your personal data secure.

General tips

Regardless of where you migrate your data, we recommend scheduling regular backups of all data to a separate location. Please see Best practices for electronic file management for more tips.