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About Windows 10 availability to the TTU community

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University-owned computers

Texas Tech University has a licensing agreement with Microsoft which makes Windows operating systems available to TTUS and TTU faculty and staff for installation on university-owned computers.

NOTE: Installing this software on a system located off campus or on a personally-owned system violates the terms of the Microsoft Campus Agreement. The resulting failed activation attempts will cause the system to display a message that the software is not legitimate and shut down the computer each time the message is displayed.

Departments at TTU may complete the form at to request the software.

Personally-owned computers

Students can obtain a one-time free download and install of Windows 10 through Texas Tech's partnership with Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and OnTheHub. You can search for Windows 10, along with other general consumer software through the OnTheHub store front.

Faculty and staff can obtain Windows 10 at a discounted price through the same store front.