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How to: Download and install Microsoft Office 365 for Mac through

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NOTE: The instructions below are for computers used primarily by one individual only. To obtain a copy of Microsoft Office for use on shared workstations, in labs, etc., faculty and staff should request a copy of Office 2019 instead.

1) Ensure that your Mac meets the minimum system requirements for Office365 before attempting to download or install the software.

2) Sign in to on your Mac.

3) On the right-hand side of the screen, click the Install Office drop-down menu. From the menu that appears, choose Office 365 apps.

exampler screenshot

4) Open the Microsoft_Office_VERSION_Installer.pkg file that you downloaded, where VERSION is the version number of the latest Office release. This is normally located in your Downloads folder.

example screenshot

5) Click Continue.

example screenshot

6) Review the license agreement. Then, click Continue.

example screenshot

7) If you agree to the terms of the license agreement in the previous step, click Agree.

example screenshot

8) Click Install.

example screenshot

9) Type a username and password with administrative access on your Mac. Then, click Install Software. Installation should now begin.

example screenshot

10) Please wait while the installation completes.

example screenshot

11) Click Close once the software is done installing.

example screenshot

12) If prompted about whether you want to keep the installation package or not, choose your preference.

example screenshot


Microsoft Office 365 apps have been installed on your Mac.

If you had a previous version of Microsoft Office installed, it may not have been removed during this installation. If not, you may consider going to your Applications folder and dragging those Applications to the Trash in order to uninstall them.

TIP: When opening any of the apps for the first time, there may be several setup screens presented, including options to sign in using your eRaider account. Please see our walkthrough of these setup screens for guidance.