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General overview of OneDrive for Business at TTU

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OneDrive for Business is 1 TB of free online storage available to TTUS and TTU faculty, staff, and students. You may use OneDrive for Business to save documents, photos, videos, and other files and access them from any computer or mobile device. You can also share those files with friends/colleagues and even collaborate on content together.

OneDrive files and folders are backed up automatically, and a Recycle Bin allows deleted file recovery up to 90 days. You can also view and restore previous versions of a file.

Access OneDrive for Business on the web

You can access OneDrive for Business from any computer through a web browser where you may open, create, edit, store and share your documents.

Download and set up OneDrive for Business apps

Share files using OneDrive for Business

Sync files using OneDrive

General use of OneDrive for Business

Use the OneDrive mobile app.

Files On-Demand

Files On-Demand helps you access your OneDrive files without having to download everything to your computer or device. With Files On-Demand, you can designate specific files to be offline or online only on each computer or device you use. Please see the solutions below on how to enable Files On-Demand.

Access and view files offline