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Basic overview of the MyWeb service

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The MyWeb service provides a location for current TTUS and TTU faculty, staff, and students to store their personal website and share it with the world at

Storage space

The allocated quota for each MyWeb website is 2 GB.


Before you can use MyWeb, you must activate your MyWeb service. After you activate the service, see getting started with MyWeb for more information.


Beginning in the autumn of 2018, notifications are now sent regularly to current MyWeb users requiring them to renew the service if they would like to continue using it. This allows MyWeb administrators to optimize storage space, freeing up space which is not being used.

Additional Information about the renewal notifications:

  • The emails will come from Renewals <> with a subject of "Renewal Notification for MyWeb Site".
  • The first renewals email were sent around mid-October to early November of 2018.
  • Moving forward, you will be prompted to renew your MyWeb site every 12 months.
  • After you receive a renewal email, you will have two weeks to renew your MyWeb site before it is automatically deleted.

Connect to MyWeb