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General overview of the TTUnet VPN service

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VPN is not necessary for Remote Desktop Connections to Windows PCs from off campus. When using Remote Desktop, simply configure the connection to use TTU's RDP Gateway Search askIT for detailed instructions on configuring Microsoft Remote Desktop Connections.



A virtual private network (VPN) is a method to communicate through a dedicated server securely to a corporate network over the Internet. This allows access to resources inside the protected network from a remote location.

VPN has been implemented to allow faculty, staff, and students of Texas Tech University access to sensitive resources only available while connected to the TTU network. Examples of resources include Banner 9 Admin, Internet Native Banner (INB), Apple Remote Desktop, network file shares (e.g. TechShare), print shares, OmniUpdate development site (CMSDEV), and KMS software activation.

IMPORTANT: On January 14, 2019, the TTU IT Division will migrate the TTUnet VPN (virtual private network) service used to connect to our campus network remotely, in order to retire aging hardware.

New VPN connection instructions

The new VPN client will be available on the eRaider Software Download site for Windows and Mac. Download and test the new method using the links below.

CAUTION: On January 14, 2019, the test portal address will no longer connect. You will need to update the portal address to

GlobalProtect VPN Client

Both Windows and Mac will use the GlobalProtect VPN client to connect to TTUnet.


Linux and Mobile Devices

TTUnet VPN can be set up using the VPN mobile device settings on iOS and Android; the GlobalProtect VPN app is not needed.


NOTE: Android is highly customizable and may look different depending on your manufacturer. The steps may vary for different devices. If you are unable to connect with the steps below, please see the default VPN settings to configure your device.


Please see How to: Connect to TTUnet VPN using Linux for more information.