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Information about wired and wireless network connections at Texas Tech University

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Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity available on the Texas Tech University campus consists of Wi-Fi and cellular (4G, LTE, etc.).


Cellular services are primarily provided by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, among others. We partnered with AT&T to significantly improve the cellular infrastructure on campus. The enhanced AT&T cellular network already accommodates Verizon, and AT&T is working with the other carriers as of late 2016.


The Wi-Fi networks are provided by the TTU IT Division and were deployed by Telecommunications. We upgraded the residence halls to the latest Wi-Fi technology a couple of years ago, and are in the midst of a multi-year Wi-Fi upgrade of academic buildings.

Wi-Fi graphic

The quality of your Wi-Fi experience can be negatively impacted by a variety of things, including the list below:

  • Installing consumer or non-university provided Wi-Fi routers or extenders (e.g., Apple, Netgear, or Linksys) will cause serious interference with those attempting to connect their devices to TTUnet Wi-Fi;
  • "Wireless" display devices (e.g., clicker technology and/or pointer devices) for conference and classrooms will interfere with Wi-Fi devices in the vicinity;
  • Incorrectly configured Wi-Fi devices may not connect reliably to TTUnet Wi-Fi; and
  • Wi-Fi enabled printers, consoles, and other devices (e.g., Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation, etc.), as well as some microwave ovens, will negatively impact Wi-Fi performance and connectivity, especially in heavy use areas such as residence halls, classrooms, and during events.

TTUnet Wi-Fi

The TTUnet wireless network is the general use Wi-Fi network for faculty, staff, students, and most others with an eRaider account at TTU. It is available in most high traffic areas throughout campus, including inside most general use and academic buildings on the TTU campus.

TTUguest Wi-Fi

The TTUguest wireless network was created for instances when visitors to Texas Tech University need Wi-Fi network access. This includes cases where visitors, recruiters, vendors, and presenters are attending conferences, meetings, or other events on the TTU campus.

eduroam Wi-Fi

eduroam provides encrypted network access for visitors from other participating institutions without the need to use guest credentials. TTU faculty, staff, and students can authenticate to the eduroam wireless network on other campuses throughout the world and vice versa.

TTU Res Halls Wi-Fi

The TTU Res Halls wireless network is available in the residence halls.

Wired connectivity

Texas Tech University offers a wired network service for students, faculty, and staff. The TTUnet wired network is fast, reliable, and provides access to sensitive resources only available while connected to the TTU network, such as Banner Admin, TechShare and network printing.

wired network graphic

Troubleshoot connection problems