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Overview of Walk-up Services at IT Help Central

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IT Help Central offers Walk-up Services which provides the following:

  • Learn safe cybersecurity practices first-hand in a one-on-one environment, including how to remove viruses and spyware from your computer.
  • Learn to install software updates and troubleshoot computer performance issues.
  • Learn to setup TTUnet wireless, VPN, and other TTU resources on your computer.
  • Learn to install TTU site-licensed software except for operating systems.
  • Obtain recommendations for further assistance.

NOTE: When you bring your computer in for assistance, you should expect to stay with your computer at all times.

Who is supported?

Currently-enrolled TTU students

Walk-Up Services are available to TTU students not living in residence halls. (If you live in a residence hall, IT Help Central can request that Residence Hall Support come directly to your room. However, residence hall students who do decide to come to Walk-up Services will always be provided the same service as other students.

Current TTU and TTUS faculty and staff

Walk-up Services are available for faculty and staff using personally-owned equipment. Texas Tech-owned equipment should not be brought in for Walk-up Services, but rather those problems should be addressed using your college/department's IT support services or IT Help Central's On-site Services.

TTU and TTUS retired faculty and staff

Walk-up Services is available for retired faculty and staff. However, IT Help Central will not be able to provide any site-licensed software for retirees, as it is not covered under TTU's software agreements with the vendors. The exception is if you are in a working retiree status that gives you access. You can check to see if you have access to the licensed software.

NOTE: TTUHSC faculty, staff, and students should seek assistance from the IT Solutions Center at the TTUHSC.

Before coming to Walk-up Services

Before bringing your computer to IT Help Central's Walk-up Services, please ensure you are able to sign in to your computer successfully.

TIP: You can take the following steps to expedite your experience at our Walk-up locations, but they are not required:

  • All operating system updates should be current.
  • Anti-virus software should be installed and up-to-date
  • Contact IT Help Central prior to bringing in the computer in order to expedite the troubleshooting process.

NOTE: Symantec Endpoint Protection can be downloaded at no charge from


IT Help Central has two Walk-up Services locations:


Our entrance is on the northwest corner of the Administrative Support Center (ASC), the same building as Transportation & Parking Services. The address is 407 Flint Ave in Lubbock, TX.


Our location is in the basement of the Student Union Building (SUB), in Room 010. The SUB is at the intersection of 15th St and Akron Ave in Lubbock, TX.


To view our hours of operation, please visit

How long will it take, and exactly what services are available?

The following chart gives a rough estimate of the time needed to accomplish certain services. These estimates are provided as a courtesy to help you determine the amount of time you will need to set aside for your visit to IT Help Central.

Installing some updates, particularly Windows updates, can take several hours. It is advisable to not begin installing these updates more than a few hours before our Walk-up Services area closes, especially for desktop computers which cannot be shut down or unplugged while updates are in progress.

Service Time

TTUnet Wi-Fi setup and troubleshooting

  • Windows 10, 8.1, and 8
  • macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra
  • Android 5 and newer
  • iOS 12 and newer
  • Other platforms (provide basic settings only)
15-30 min

TTUnet VPN setup and troubleshooting

  • Windows 10, 8.1, and 8
  • macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra
  • Android 5 and newer
  • iOS 12 and newer
  • Other platforms (provide basic settings only)
15-30 min

TechMail setup on desktop/laptop

  • Microsoft Outlook 365
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes in macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra
  • Other clients (provide basic settings only)
15-30 min

TechMail setup on smartphone/tablet

  • Default mail client or Outlook in Android 5 and newer
  • Default mail client or Outlook in iOS 12 and newer
  • Other clients (provide basic settings only)
30-45 min

Microsoft Office installation and update

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Microsoft Office 2016
30-45 min

Anti-virus installation

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
30-45 min

Anti-virus definition updates

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
15-30 min

Virus and spyware problems

  • Scan with Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • SUPERAntiSpyware installation, update, and scan
  • Anti-Malware by Malwarebytes installation, update, and scan
2 hrs

Operating system updates

  • Windows 10, 8.1, and 8
  • macOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and Sierra
20 min-2 hrs

Other services

  • Evaluate problem and provide recommendation, with approval from full-time staff
Up to 2 hrs

If IT Help Central is unable to resolve your issue within two hours, recommendations for further support will be made.

Unsupported issues

Some issues are unsupported directly by our Service Desk at Walk-up Services and may require that you seek help from a third-party support provider.

Other support resources

When the resources at Walk-up Services have been exhausted, further support from other providers may be needed. IT Help Central can help you assess the situation to see what the best support option may be.

For students, the colleges and departments at TTU offer varying levels of support to their students. Contact your college/department for more information.