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General overview of TechShare

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TechShare is an enterprise file share service maintained by TOSM Server Support. It is used by TTUS and TTU colleges and departments to store files which need to be accessed by multiple people.

  • Each department is allocated 100 GB at no cost. For additional storage, please contact IT Help Central.
  • TechShare storage is backed up nightly and retained for 30 days.
  • This storage should be designated for official Tech Tech University business only.

General instructions for connecting to TechShare

NOTE: To access TechShare, you must be connected to TTUnet. If you are off campus or in the TTU residence halls, please establish a TTUnet VPN connection first.

1) On Windows, navigate to "Computer," and then browse to \\\depts. In macOS, connect to smb://

2) Type your eRaider username and password when prompted for credentials. When typing the username, use the format ttu\your_eRaider_username.

Device-specific instructions for connecting to TechShare