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General overview of the TTUnet VPN service

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VPN is not necessary for Remote Desktop Connections to Windows PCs from off campus. When using Remote Desktop, simply configure the connection to use TTU's RDP Gateway Search askIT for detailed instructions on configuring Microsoft Remote Desktop connections.


NOTE: The TTUnet VPN service provides a secure tunnel to the TTU network only; it is not intended to be a commercial VPN service for the purposes of encrypting all of your Internet communications. Network communications from your computer/device to non-TTU services will not be sent through the VPN connection.



A TTUnet VPN connection enables you to send and receive data from a non-TTU network as if your computing device was directly connected to the TTUnet network. This allows access to protected TTU resources from a remote location.

Most IT services do not require a VPN connection. Examples of resources that may require VPN include:

  • Banner Admin
  • Apple Remote Desktop
  • Network print shares
  • Network file shares (e.g. MyWeb site admin access and TechShare)
  • KMS software activation
  • CMSDEV (Omni CMS development site)

Requesting access

Please see How to: Request access to the TTUnet VPN service.

Connection instructions

If you are unable to connect with the instructions linked below, please see the default VPN settings to configure your device.


TTUnet VPN can be set up using standard VPN mobile device settings on Android. The GlobalProtect VPN app is not needed.

iOS and iPadOS

TTUnet VPN can be set up using standard VPN mobile device settings on iOS and iPadOS. The GlobalProtect VPN app is not needed.


Please see How to: Connect to TTUnet VPN using Linux for more information.